Aug. 4, 2021

President Biden calls out the Covid19 response hypocrisy of Texas Abbot & Florida Desantis.

President Biden who Florida governor Desantis praised for great leadership as he worked with Florida to manage the Champagne Condo building collapse has called out Desantis and Abbot to help with good Covid19 response or step out of the way .
Abbot and Desantis who still treat Donal Trump like the president of the USA are doing every thing in their power for the Biden democratic. administration to fail ,with the much deaths in Texas and Florida because of their failed state leadership response to Covid19.
Why does Abbot and Desantis take great pleasure in the death of Americans because of political ambitions ?.
President Biden is ready to stand up to the political polarization standing in the way of modernized and civilized Covid19 response .