Aug. 4, 2021

Int Physician & expert global health USA Dr Ntuba calls on Desantis to stop border distractions

Florida governor Desantis has been told to concentrate on science based preparedness and response to Covid19 incidence and prevalence rates in his state not on so called border distractions .
The same Cubans and others from the Americas that Desantis is insulting today as people Biden allow in with Covid19, are those he begged for their votes in Florida gubernatorial elections especially in the Miami area .
Instead of Governor Desantis addressing the request of president Biden to help out with better Covid19 response , he he resorts to insulting the president, saying he does not want to hear blip about Covid19 from the president ,until Biden addresses the border issues .
In our meeting with PAHO leaders today ,the situation in the Americas were discussed and the leadership spoke about the USA Covid19 situation .
Desantis must be told that children are now coming up with Covid19 and dying from it .
Desantis never went to medical school any where in the world nor is he certified in the USA as a global health expert ,and so cannot be preaching the bleach injection therapy for Covid19 they proposed with one Donald Trump.
This is August 2021 and Children should be returning to schools and all intelligent global health protection quidelines related to Covid 19 from the researchers in the NIH and disease controllers in the CDC should be respected by intelligent and smart governors in the different states ,putting Americans first .
Masks mandates for school children and staff will protect American children while increased vaccination is leading to percentages that can secure herd immunity .
Desantis should stop his ridiculous distraction of talking borders when the issue is controlling Covid19 in the USA .
Yes as one of the 8 WHO pillars of Covid19 preparedness and response ,port of entry is discussed. Where is the data from Desantis to corroborate his importation of Sars Cov2 from the Americas through the Southern borders?.
Florida deserves better.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo, international physician, politician ,communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.