Aug. 5, 2021

Democrats excessively criticized and Insulted Ex President Trump and the GOP to fail over Covid19

Democratic congress representatives, mayors , county officers , governors ,senators and others foolishly criticized the Trump administration,s Covid19 preparedness and responses and failings
making themselves messiahs and should not be complaining as the Republicans do the same to them .
Democrats are not better than republicans and should stop fooling themselves, and the unsuspecting.
Covid19 response is a money making God sent for most American politicians who use it for television show .
Republicans should forgive democrats for the sake of their fellow Americans and cooperate with CDC ,so that herd immunity can be reached in the united states .
Former President Trump did not get every thing Covid19 wrong .
Too much selfish criticism of Trump and his administration led to fight back .
Americans should resist all forms of Covid19 politicization and polarization that is killing many Americans and cooperate to stop the deaths .
The solution is not a Democrat or Republican one but the American solutions .
Democratic mayors and county judges must respect the governors orders before they talk of respect of they themselves.
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international physician and certified global health expert USA . Adviser of prime ministers and presidents