Aug. 8, 2021

City of Houston asked to stop playing games and pay late fireman,s benefits.

Family of Houston fire department Capt William's Gunderson and their attorney are sueing the government of the city of Houston for refusing to pay compensations for Colon cancer death they claim happened while serving the city as fire fighter.
The city through it,s contracted insurance provider , assessed the case and determined that they will not pay the compensations because to them the colon cancer may not have started because of inhaled fumes and or during service.
The family and their attorney who fought and won over the city and it,s attorneys over previous cases belief that the city will lose this case too and should stop wasting tax payers money over court fees .
The family lawyer says like Prop B, all the city of Houston leadership does is fight those that serve Houston .
Chief of fire Pena believes that the late fire man deserves the compensation ,going contrary to the city position headed by his boss.
It is not unusual for cases like that of late Cpt William Gunderson to end up in court .
Since the are processes in play , let all parties respect the provisions of law .