Aug. 11, 2021


International and local ministers converge at the Victory Christian Church opposite Oral Robert university or ORU Tulsa Oklahoma for the Word Explosion international conference that begins at 7 pm on the 11th of August 2021 with Bishop Td Jakes of the porters House Dallas as quest speaker for the opening night .
Dr Rev Ntuba Akwo Thompson from Houston Texas spoke extensively with the Rev Dr Ngoh of Victory Cameroon with a mission based in Tulsa USA about his successes in ministry with Victory spanning many decades after the party for the Victory Network of ministers in the Victory building on the night of 10th of August 2021 .
Rev Dr Ngoh of Victory has been decorated with many medals of honor in his Country of birth , Cameroon for his faith based work with the underprivileged in Cameroon .
His ministry formation has raised many hundreds of ministers in and out of Cameroon and continues to do so .
Rev Dr Ngoh who happens to originate from the Bafaw tribe of the people of Cameroon said he was very very blessed to see that God has raised a Bible believing Paramount King among his Bafaw people that make close to 10 villages in Meme division of Cameroon .
Rev DR Ngoh answered many questions related to his global ministry and called on the younger generation to abstain from acts that do not glorify God not withstanding the challenges around them .
He was proud to hear compliments from Rev Dr Ntuba [first] ,that he remains a foundation for God,s blessings on all members who share his blood and DNA .
DR NTUBA AKWO THOMPSON International leader, physician , minister and communicator . Certified professional and expert Global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents