Aug. 17, 2021

HealthnDevelopment expert , Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo calls for humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan

The expected has happened in Afghanistan after the pulling out of the USA forces , following the deal that the administration of former president Trump signed with the Taliban for a smooth withdrawal , which president Joe Biden carried through .
The united states led a global coalition of willing nations , including NATO , into Afghanistan to root out the Bin Ladin terrorists groups that were hiding in the country following the 2001 September 11 terrorists attacks at the USA world trade centers in New York .
It must be noted that both republicans and democrats voted for the anti terror war initiated by former president George Bush .
The Taliban has taken over as expected , creating great panic and confusion , especially as the fragile democratic system that the American government put in place is not withstanding the cultural make up of the communities and people .
The people are now fleeing from the Taliban and need refuge in many countries besides their humanitarian needs or human rights to food , medicines , shelter and education .
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson is calling on the the united nations to ask fast , working with the USA , NATO and other UN member states to help the people of Afghanistan .
The USA made a deal with the Taliban because they foresaw this coming and must ask all sides including the Taliban to come together to form a transition government like happened in Egypt.
This is not the time for persons in the USA to blame others .
Americans wanted out of the Afghanistan war, for so much money was lost and American lives sacrificed .
Americans believed the mission to Afghanistan was already accomplished . The united states did not go to Afghanistan to take over the country , form governments and run them .
The is no blame for republicans nor democrats . The republican government of former president Trump pulled the American soldiers out with a deal with the Taliban and president Biden Followed up on that.
The people of Afghanistan deserves humanitarian assistance and should be be given that , including refuge in the USA and other UN countries like Turkey that has accepted to help if Afghanistan ask for help .