Aug. 21, 2021

Global political leader, Dr T Akwo Ntuba calls on Afganistan to form a modernized government.

The republican so called conservative god,s party Bible says all the governments of these worlds are under the control of the prince of the air or the Lucifer ,Satan .
Western experimentation in Afghanistan was continued under the defense of fighting terrorism like the Trump republican terrorist s who stormed the USA capitol killing for power control which the Bible says is the spirit of witchcraft.
20 years is too long to take over a sovereign nation , disrespecting their own Bible ,people ,history and cultures , all done in the name of clash of civilizations and or cultures .
The Taliban has the secret and quiet backing of world greats like China and it,s allies and to think that the USA commanders on the ground in Afghanistan do not know that is foolishness and presumption .
Trump tied the hands of the incoming USA president with his Trump Talliban deal in Doha Qatar which republicans praised ,since every thing Trump did was the doing of the American god.
Innocent unlearn or uneducated in Americans are victims of political manipulations .
The Christian God did not ask any body to form Christian governments any where in the world .
The Taliban is invoking Afghan sovereignty, history , culture and rights , calling the USA defeated occupiers .
America through Obama killed Osama Bin Laden, and dissipated the terrorist activities and groups in that region and believed the goals of the mission was complete and will return should terrorists in Afghanistan threaten Americans .
The Taliban should not make the mistakes of late Egyptian Islamic brotherhood president Morsi of Egypt, who followed the dictates of the brotherhood and ended up destroyed.
The Taliban must respect the human rights of all Afgans and modernize the nation .
The temptation to produce life presidents under Sharia law ,like they do in Banana republics is very strong .
Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely .
Let Afgans decide their form of government and those to rule them , including the Taliban and not be dictated to by any groups with guns .
Modernization is not produced through fear and killing of those who speak out for modernization . All religions and people must be dynamic and modernized.