Aug. 21, 2021

Global health expert says Texas deputy governor Patrick is African American Covid19 ignorant .

Political posturing for the next elections in Texas is bringing out the worst in so called American politicians .
Dr Akwo Ntuba challenged rep Shieler Jackson Lee on political division of the country over Covid19 during the republican Trump administration , and the humble honorable congress woman said no , they are doing all to see that their association of governors work together in their Covid 19 public health response motivated by science base data and evidences.
Dan Patrict continue to make divisive ,uninformed ,ignorant political Covid19 attacks on those he calls democratic blacks .
Since black leaders started fighting against fraudulent electoral law changes that disenfranchise minorities , republican politicians like Patrick look for the easiest opportunity to humiliate minorities and their leaders .
The majority of the unvaccinated in Texas are not blacks .
The are many millions of eligible whites who are not vaccinated, and they outnumber blacks by many millions .
Dan Patrick may not have brains and the IQ to understand health and medical science but can benefit from consulting black medical and global health experts in Texas before talking stupid in public , insulting and accusing blacks for the new Covid19 pandemic surge of the unvaccinated .