Aug. 21, 2021

Richardson insults America and Americans ,after beaten to 9th place by Jaimica Olympics gold winner

The Nike USA competitions in women 100 meters were like a test to Richardson who was stripped by American authorities from representing the USA in Tokyo Olympics because of drug tests failures which she apologized for .
Many belief that the banned substance enhanced her performance, helping her to beat other Americanin the USA qualifiers.
Nike brought the three Olympics gold winners to the USA who competed with other Americans , and to the surprise of all Richardson finished in nine place .
During the interview she trained insults , and concluded by saying she is not finished yet .
Unfortunately, those who know the politics and racial issues in USA sports, wished things turned outdoors differently .
Many may wonder if this was suppose to be her Tokyo Olympics performances or other things. happened between the Olympics qualifiers and the Nike competitions in the USA.
In her insults , she expressed some challenges and things she called " talking shit" by Americans .
Many still belief that her very poor performance in the Nike competitions does not mean she does well only under the influence of banned substances nor is she finished with Atheletic sports .
The pressure and eyes of America were on her and most went away with certain conclusions .