Aug. 21, 2021

Missionary evangelism is not the replacement of Islamic and other cultures with western cultures.

The Bible says the man of the East or China will arise and has risen. Europe is bent on making sure that the USA working with the United Kingdom does not finally destroy the European union .
Christianity never existed before Christ ,though the Old testament shows God punishing Jews and lots of Jewish traditions and other Biblical cultures and people because of sin .
The is so much confusion today in America ,because people are lied to that the American constitution is Biblical and or Christian , which is far from it .
Indians in America had and continue to have their traditional religion which is not old and or New testament and practice same in all their American land states ,which makes that part of American religious institutions and culture of the west . If Christianity is exporting western cultures, then American Indian spiritual cultures must be exported too .
People donot do evil things or commit acts of terror because of religion ,though they may hide behind religion or use religion to cover their evil natures.
Since they say the republican party and those who subscribe to it are American christian conservative Bible believers , why did they become terrorists who committed terrorism at the USA capitol after Trump said go there and fight like hell?
When we invoke hell in our commands , we cannot turn and say it was done in God,s names, because the hell of Satan was invoked .
All humans are capable of Good and evil and should all be admonished to examine themselves and their ways often .
American. Worked with the Taliban against cold war enemy USSR in Afghanistan and must realize that ,alot of what the Taliban is using today was learnt from the USA or given to them by the USA . Reaping what is sowed is in the Bible .
Missionary evangelists from the west should stop going to other nations with this notion that , missions and evangelism is replacing their cultures with western cultures .
Christ did not command any body to denigrate the people and cultures of other lands .
The Bible says those who practice homosexuality will go to hell and Islam says no to homosexuality. Homosexuality is now acceptable cultural practice in the West especially the USA , and adults are responsible for their rights and choices but cannot export practices unacceptable in other lands and cultures in the name of might of country or regions .
Franklin Graham does not seem to be very strong in Biblical and Christian systematic theology and follows the might is right doctrines of his party of God though God is non partisan .
Netanyahu tried using provocation of Muslims to remain in power as prime minister ,killing many innocent people in the process but God,s time for him to go had come .
God knows those who serve him and who are his .
The Curan is not the same as the New testament period . I donot want Christian's to call it Satanic verses like Samuel Rushdie. The is alot in the Old testament that is similar to what is in the Quran and we donot call the old testament Satanic verses .
The terrorists who stormed the USA Capitol, tells us that ,terrorism is used by all who love power like the talibans.
We donot need God to have material abundance and our might from material abundance may not be of God,s making .
Afghanistan has proven that ,we cannot use guns and bombs to replace the cultures of other people and nations with ours under the pretext of world missionary evangelism .
The Christian God can still operate in the lives and homes of people in their own cultures and civilizations .
The clash of cultures and civilizations is being used by the devil and the unlearned and unschooled are victims in the west, East North and South .