Aug. 28, 2021


The United Nations accepted the Afghanistan military intervention by the USA and mostly European allies of NATO but refused the Iraq war which even the Pope said no to.
The united states refused to accept the refusal of the united nations of her going to destroy Iraq and Saddam Husein they sponsored and fought Iran together.
Russia a European nation of the East never condemned nor stopped the USA from going to Afghanistan for the 20 years exploits whose failures are blamed today on the leadership of both democratic and republican leadership including Bush, Obama, Trump, and Biden, but fear of Russia and China at the security council has caused European secretary-general Antonio Guterres not to be having security council meetings on Afghanistan withdrawal crisis because of the fear of the responses of Russia and china or what is called g2 today.
It is so shameful to hear the UN spokes man say, they will be circulating the position of the g7 on Afghanistan in the United Nations. When did the g8 that became g7 after Russia was driven away by these same European cliques at the united nations become another United Nations?
If Russia and China or g2 also produced their own joint position on this Afghanistan crisis, would you have circulated it at the united nations ?.
Stop fooling the unsuspecting, the united nations better start standing up in truth and stop the hypocrisy of money and wealth might that dictates, starts wars, and kills people around the world.
Hiding behind humanitarian work in Afghanistan does not stop you from doing your job at the security council which is now g7 ?.
You do not want the say and position of Russia and China in the security council in this Afghanistan crisis but want to use their dues money for your so-called Afghanistan humanitarian work by the UN.
European Antonio Guterres better should stop working only for Europe and g7 and for all for all member states or take responsibility for so many failures in global issues UN responses and resign.
We do not hear the criticism from those who criticized sg Kofi Annan on Antonio Gutteres with all the failures in Africa, Yemen, Syria, Ethiopia, and other hot spots.
China continues to say the UN should respect it,s constitution, charter, and collective decisions of member states or shut down.
We make much noise and ask the UN and or it,s agencies to stand up only to certain countries, while others do as they please through g7 and g1000.
It is time the bilateral and multilatearl bodies serve the global populations, not some governments they beg money from.
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson, international politician, physician, and communicator. certified professional and expert in global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.