Sep. 2, 2021

National Riffle Association , humiliates Houston and Harris leaders ,pulls out national meeting .

The national Riffle Association continues to speak nationally after pulling it,s national meeting that brings multiple millions of dollars to cities, counties and states because of what it says are bad Covid19 data from Houston and Harris county.
It must be noted that large gatherings are still spreaders of the Delta variant , which should have made Houston and Harris county to cancele the gathering of gun owners in the first place .
The are multi factorial reasons for the poor Covid19 data in Houston and Harris county.
The medical center with big buildings and government money has failed Houston and Harris county with the so called shortages of beds , nurses and others medical needs .
How could the biggest buildings of different hospital systems in the same geographic space be this helpless many are asking .
Most people donot know what the medical centers are all about and may blame the problems in the Ben Taub Harris health system as those of the medical center .
A nation that loves grades and other prideful talk almost scored Ben Taub a failed grading recently .
The community primary health care centers are poorly funded and staffed beside other problems.