Sep. 2, 2021

USA president Biden has addressed the nation on response to Hurricane Ida and Wild Fires .

President Joe Biden addressed the nation on Friday, on his way to Louisiana to assess the damages done by hurricane Ida .
He has appointed Cedric Richmond , former congress man from Louisiana and former chair of the Congressional black caucus who is Biden,s White House senior adviser on community affairs to head the recovery efforts in the area the president is visiting on Saturday.
While in Louisiana, the president will meet with the governor, parish or equivalent of county leaders and mayors on the preparedness and response .
The president called on cooperation , saying this should not be about politics .
President Biden assured the American people affected in the areas including New York, New Jersey, Mississippi and those southwest by wild fires that help is on the way .
President Biden used the occasion to call on all parties in congress to address climate change , causing these issues .
He made emphasis on his build back America plan that makes provision for Infrastructure repairs and resiliency work .
With many houses destroyed , utilities out and gas shortages, the president said the department of Health and human services , Housing and Urban development , Federal emergency management administration or FEMA and department of defense will assist in the recovery with FEMA already on the ground with meals and other resources . .
Those needing help are told to contact.