Sep. 4, 2021

Mr Micheal Womack and American Fema authorities braved the Hurricane Ida storms ,helping out.

When the Hurricane Ida hit on Sunday , Mr Micheal Womack and some American authorities were in Baton Rouge, heading towards New Oleans .
The roads were under water in certain parts on the way to New Oleans ,with trees fallen and Mr Micheal Womack and his team pressed on , following behind the convey of government cars from Baton Rouge to New Oleans in the Early part of Monday morning ,to be part of the first briefings and assessment of damages .
Mr Womack was at the Southern University Baton Rouge during the storms in Baton Rouge, where many were sheltering from the storm .
.Americans like Mr Micheal Womack pay the price and put their lives in the frontlines , helping Americans bringing hope and healing .