Sep. 6, 2021

Anti Abortion laws in exchange for gubernatorial votes for republicans and Gregg Abbot.

Republican Texas State Congress ,working with Governor Gregg Abbott who is going in for another term as governor with ambitions for a presidential elections run are mobilizing republicans and 4other independents who subscribe to their games and schemes.
The calculations is that the are more republicans in Texas ,and therefore play to their weaknesses.
How can you explain the fact that a republican always wins presidential elections in the state of Texas?.
Like democrats who always win certain states like California no matter how bad the candidates are , Texas republicans are playing to their base by using the people,s state house to enact laws which appeal to a segment of the state population not the entire people .
Republicans did all to steal supreme court seats in order to use the courts to legislate when they fail in the USA congress.
Case law is not the same as legislating .
Appealing to the Supreme court decision in Roe V Wade means nothing. It takes a simple majority in the supreme court to overturn the previous decisions in cases .
Abbot Gregg did not use the courts to legislate but regional or state legislators. Running to the courts mean nothing .
Where are the provisions in the USA constitution on reproductive rights and abortion ?.
Congress in Washington and state legislatures are where the solutions are .
Federal government makes room for different legal provisions in different states ,likevdeath penalty in Texas and no death penalty in California .
Governor Gregg Abbott of Texas is a political leader who knows the stakes and plays politics the best he knows .
Voters laws to reproductive rights of women laws made recently in Texas may become blue prints for other states.
Abbott like others are motivated by votes and political survival like democrats are .
The solution is a non partisan one but the parties are talking , and talking while Gregg Abbot and the Trumps win .