Sep. 8, 2021

Rape is Crime ,Wowen can still commit Abortion, says Governor Gregg Abbot

Texas governor Gregg Abbot has said that rape is a crime and women can still commit abortion before six weeks under his gubernatorial votes in exchange for anti abortion laws for conservatives and American evangelicals .
This corroborates the position of international political leader, physician and communicator ,Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo, who says that republicans and Abbot donot knowvthe science of Embryology, when life is certain and begins when a sperm and ovum comes together to form a Zygote.
Abbot and his republicans claim they are saving lives but donot mind children contracting Sars Cov2 at school and dying from it ,from their Trumpian anti mask at school policies or no mask mandates .
Abbott and co may seem confused ,but are in control of all they do in order to remain in positions and control .
Like Democrats , Republicans are doing all in their power to win elections in the 2022 mid term elections.