Sep. 15, 2021

Republicans condemn USA joint chief of Staff General Milley for Speaking the truth to China .

Republicans are condemning the USA joint chief of staff , general Milley for telling Chinese military authorities that the USA was not plotting a war against China .
These if Milley said so stories and condemnations of treason started by former USA President Trump in response to stories in a book about to be released, have not been confirmed .
Many supporters and defenders of general Milley say that only congress makes war against another country and that declaration of war is not a secret in the USA like the republican initiated Bush wars against Afghanistan and Iraq which were approved orcdeclared by the USA congress .
Milley is said to have communicated the truth that congress was not in the process of declaring war against the Chinese government and nation.
If general Milley agreed with speaker Nancy Pelosy that then President Trump was crazy or had a mental problem ,then it would have been less professional some may think ,especially as making a clinical diagnosis would require a mental state exams and a psychiatric and or psychological analysis which general Milkey had not done .
While the nation waits for the book to be officially published and to hear the general Milley side of the story, Americans are asked to observe some restrain in their condemnation of the chief of joint staff ,general Milley .