Sep. 16, 2021

USA president Biden to address the 76th UN general assembly or UNGA76 in New York .

The United nations general assembly is taking place in New York and president Biden is toaddress the people of the nations that are members of the body for the first time as president .
Covid19 global preparedness and response focusing on the health and development connections and impact will be the focus and through which the leaders of the membercststes will address Peace and security, human rights and development .
Afghanistan, Syria ,Yemen and other hot spots like Tigray in Ethopia , and terrorism in the Northern part of Cameroon and arm struggles iin.multiple regions affect the global health efgortsvand endeavors of the UN health agency of the World health organization .
In Afghanistan the United nations has sounded acwzrning through the WHo that humanitarian consequences will follow the withdrawal of the USA forces with those of NATO and other allied forces .
Syria remains a trouble spot with the fighting against the Asad regime not ending .
North Korea continue to test destructive weapons, challenging South Korea an ally of the USA in the region .
The universal declaration of human rights makes it clear that health is a human rights, along side the education of children .
Covid19 vaccines nationalism and inequities remain a big challenge to the world ,as the World health organization continues to ask the highly industrialized countries to share vaccines with low and middle income countries .
The IMF and the world bank continue to warn UN member states of the economic consequences of Covid19 on the economies of nation states of the UN if nothing is done to vaccinate the groups most vulnerable to Sars Cov2, as failure to do do may overwhelm health systems , making it harder to control and contain Covid19.
The wild fires in Australia , West coast of the USA and other places of the world , including destructive storms that damage the infrastructures of whole cities, affect human existence , production and health , creating internally displaced people , homeless and other problems . The health consequences of climate change have been documented by the world health organization.
The question of refugees and their human rights remain one for president Biden and other UN member states leaders to address.
Poverty reduction, foodcsecurity , universal primary and secondary education . Clean energy, sustainable and productive cities and communities , climate change , water , global security and peace requires global partnerships and the USA is expected to play a partnership role with the rest of the world in seeking for global solutions to global problems .
The global health pandemic of Covid19 brings an opportunity for the world to work together in solidarity in solving these challenges.
President Biden most likely will tell the world how his policies and initiatives at home and abroad are addressing these issues , working with fellow UN member states as partners .
By Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo, international political leader, physician, communicator . Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents .