Sep. 17, 2021

Dr Ntuba T Akwo, international politician calls on UN nations to stop life presidents globally.

The high level meetings of the united nations starts on the 21St of September 2021 in New York UN headquarters, with the credential committee of nine persons already in place and at work .
People of the united nations including Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson, an international political leader, physician and communicator ,under USA international political leadership protection is calling on the people ,yes they the people of the united nations to stop life presidents in the various nations of the world from addressing the general assembly of the people .
Life presidents could have been in government for more than 60 yes some with close to or greater then 40 years as presidents.
They corrupt the corrupted useless so called legislators of the people,s country with positions and state moneys ,some from donor nations contribution like fight against Hiv/Aids and Covid19 which they embezzle to remain in office for life .
They use subtle forms of state sponsored terrorism ,using state police and soldiers to kill those who oppose them in their demonic schemes .
They boast of manipulating the leadership of the nations that are permanent members of the security council with vetoes rights to veto decisions taken against them in the security council.
They appoint governors of the states in the countries they loot ,using appointed governors answerable to them not to the people .
Their injustices create arm uprising in their nations and terrorists groups fighting for justice and equitable sharing of government positions and the presidency of their countries .
They use state communication agencies including radio and television to do their propaganda .
The credential committee must not only stop the Taliban Afghanistan and Myanmar junta but all life presidents in nations with arm conflicts and terrorism fight for justice in Africa, South America ,Europe , Asia and the Americas .
By Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader, physician and Communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.