Sep. 18, 2021

The People of the United Nations call on the USA to stop the death penalty ,respecting human rights

Mr, Donald Trump ,one of the 7 billion people of the Earth who make up the united nations as part of the USA and his taxes ,are used to pay the dues that the people run the united nations headquartered in New York, continues to condemn the UN for human rights abuses around the world .
Donald Trump who says that the UN is not a very useful organization, though full of potential , wants the human rights commission of the united nations to do it,s job and stop protecting abusers of human rights around the world .
The human rights commission has also been blamed by other courageous speakers who say the UN must ask the USA to abolish the death penalty in all the states .
Those who say the United states cannot continue killing people through the death penalty find the system strange because the death penalty as serious as it is ,should not have been left in the hands of the states but made a national federal policy .
Many are asking why the are people sent to prison for the same crimes that others are given the death penalty ?.
It is hard for the president of the united states to be lecturing other nations about human rights issues when it[USA] does not respect the human rights of it,s own citizens .
Harmonization of the law as it relates to the death penalty is called for in the USA .