Sep. 19, 2021

The general meeting of the 2021 , 76th United nations general assembly begins on Tuesday 9/21/2021

Dr Ntuba, Akwo Thompson #hndeditor at work in the general assembly room UN headquarters NewYork city USA

The leaders of the member nations of the united nations will begin addressing the general assembly on Tuesday the 21st ,September of 2021 in the general assembly room at the headquarters in New York city USA ,though a few will do so virtually .
Recovery from Covid19 and economic revival will be the preoccupation of the global leaders ,somevwho will be echoing the deliberative agreements made at the G7 and G20 leadership meetings..
Reforms of the UN especially that of the security council has been part of recommendations of delegations from Africa ,Americas , Asia and Eastern Europe.
The discussion will be centered around Peace and security, Human rights and Development .
The speeches from the president of the united states and other countries are mostly anticipated .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo