Sep. 20, 2021

Why does Narcotic related warrants lead to deaths in Houston many continue to ask .

Police chiefs and Mayors donot always feel comfortable to have communicators who ask certain questions in briefings .
It is either we cannot answer that because of ongoing investigations and or let us respect the families .
Demographics and profiles accompany every face and or faces behind any and or all warrants of arrests ,especially those related to narcotics .
The questions of tactical mistakes and or failures are always evaded and the same thing happens again.
How fast do you get into a house with a Narcotics warrant ?.
Would you be engaging a lady in conversation in a house and or apartment where the suppose is suppose to be hiding ?.
Why will you not think that the suspect is eaves dropping on the conversation inside with arms ready to kill you with the slightest provocation or connivance of family members ?.
Should this killings of the officer and the accused have been prevented?.
How much threat did the officers think the suspect posed and how prepared were they to mitigate that ?.
Chief of police Troy Finner should review all similar cases in the past ,since he had been part of leadership of HPD in different capacities over many years and do something about tactics . These questions have been asked the leadership of HPD under Acevedo and Finner many times by Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson and so far we are getting the same unfortunate situations which calls for same questions, what tactical errors were made and how can you review them and stop them from causing other deaths?.
Would they have addressed the situation differently and if yes ,why did they not do so ?.
It is sad to see officers killed by residents with guns and residents killed by officers .
The punishment for drug related crimes is not death and the lives of civilians cut down because of drug warrants is getting too much in Houston .
If they knew he was inside that apartment , the was no need wasting time talking to any lady at the door . Who ever is inside can readily monitor the surroundings of their apartment or house from different openings and position themselves to fire and kill officers outside .
Carrying dead officers in Convoys to the medical examiner's office means nothing ,it will never bring them back to their suffering families.
All the nice talks when officers have been killed will not bring them back .
The are too many guns in the hands of residents in Houston ,Texas and USA .
The recent governor Abbott gun laws are not also helping the situation.
It really hurts to know that an accused father of 6 children was gunned down before his own son after he had shot and killed a police officer William's Jeffrey and wounded officer Lance .
Acevedo had said the department will look into the tactic questions and this case of officer William's Jeffrey begs the same question openly .
By Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson, international political leader, physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents