Sep. 20, 2021

Houston Mourns the killing of officer Williams Jeffrey while questioning it,s bailing system .

Deon Ledet who shot and killed Officer Jeffrey Williams had a long criminal history, with an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon arrest, and was wanted for breach of parole conditions.
He was killed by Houston police officers after he fired and killed officer Jeffrey William's wounding officer Lance who is in stable conditions, undergoing treatment at Memorial Hermann trauma center at what is popularly called the Texas medical center with multiple medical centers or hospital systems.
The killing of Officer Jeffrey has led to many talking about people with a history of crimes and the bond and or bail system in Harris County, insinuating that the court judges should be blamed for letting criminals out or giving people with a history of misdemeanors and or felonies bail.
Homicides have increased in Houston by about 31 % and fingers are pointed to the court judges that allow repeat offenders to commit crimes while out of the prisons or jails.
Politicians always say different things at different times depending on the audience they are talking to and contradicting themselves for the most part.
Residents and their advocates, including entry-level council members seem to be all out for the rights of the residents whose votes they always canvas for in their respective districts.
Minorities and their so-called leaders are always the first to blame the system for always locking their people up and throwing away the keys.
Criminal history people can change and have changed after doing time for crimes committed against individuals and societies.
Politicians have defended judges for granting bail to people with criminal histories as human rights. Same politicians will blame judges when a person with criminal history kills a police officer.
The are multiple reasons why people with criminal history get to behave in a certain way, says forensic psychologists.
People out of prison may cherish their freedom so badly that, they refuse to go back to jail for whatever reason.
George Floyd never wanted to be taken to jail again and we know what happened when an officer never understood that.
Deon Ledet may have thought of what was waiting for him if he was taken back to prison and decided to provoke a situation that he will be killed after shooting at officer Jeffrey Williams.
These past two years have been very traumatic for all, and worst so for people with a history of doing time.
While Houston mourns the loss of a great police Corp leader, it should never allow the acts of Deon Ledet, make the people lose their bail rights. The judges continue to do their jobs and to address cases according to their merits.
Down Ledet is not a representation of the outcomes of the ball and or parole system.
Many Americans with a criminal history on parole have followed the rules, gone through the Reentry process, and become contributing members of society.
Few have committed suicide by cops as Deon Ledet did. He killed or fired at officers knowing they will fire back and kill him.
This is not time for the faint of heart or weak in the mind to be talking about things they have not profoundly thought about because they are in front of Cameras.
With each killing ,they make noise , make grand burial ceremonies, and after that the noise stops and things return to normal.
This is not the first time an officer has killed an accused and or the accused killing an officer and wounding others.
Sadly enough America is dealing with drugs and it,s related crimes in the communities and that comes with global community health issues under Mental health, substance use disorders, drug dealing , violence and injuries,
Substance abuse and dealings, violence and related global health issues require multidisciplinary approaches and models to address them.
These should more be happening when the USA communities are talking and asking for police reforms, especially related to policing in minority communities.
The right to bail and parole are not the problem and should not be stopped .
The are multiple factors contributing to the problems we see today.
One is many enough even among close to 2.5 million people in the Houston metro area.
Allow the judges to do their job and the parole system go on.
Let the authorities brainstorm and search within for answers on how to stop a few ex-offenders from committing homicides.
May the killing of officers Williams Jeffrey and Deon Ledet motivate the city into action.
Dr. Ntuba Akwo Thompson, international political leader, physician, and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.