Sep. 21, 2021

Home security Secretary advised not to discriminate against Hiatians trying to Cross the USA border

Many are asking why the Hiatians who are trying to cross the border into the USza arevtreated differently from the others who came from Mexico and related countries .
Gathered under the bridge in multiple thousands ,these Hiatians like the Anglos who came across the borders into Indian lands for refuge are fleeing adverse conditions like Earthquakes in their countries and political uncertainties like killing of their president with an American citizen as one of the accused for refuge and or so called better life in the USA .
While those from Mexico were not summarily put in large planes and sent back ,these Hiatians seem to be treated differently.
Deportation of those crossing the USA borders remain a complex issue that is divisive and polarizing .
Every sovereign nation has the right to protect it,s borders and vet those who enter it,s homeland, though international agreements which they are signatories to requires that they respect the human rights of all.
America cannot solve all the problems of all people in the world and the sending away of the Hiatians is another pointer that America cannot solve global problems and should partner with other global nations for solutions to these problems .
The many millions of Americans living in bushes and under bridges and Hiatians under bridges is just part of humans under bridges in the USA and should not be treated differently.