Sep. 21, 2021

America must remember the sacrifices of the French Navy & army that fought the UK colonizers.

President Biden ahead of his first address to the World as president of the United states , one of the founding nations of the United nations in San Francisco after the Wzrs with Hitler and Japan .
France gave a away the Louisiana purchase ,which becale 7bstates in present day united states of America from the sea in New Oleans following the Mississippi River running up to Minnesota through the University of Minbesora campus in Minneapolis.
France advised Washington to declare separation and independence from Great Britain and give age France the papers to secure their participation ,fighting with America to defeat great Britain.
France gave lady liberty to America in New York which inspired American women to keep fighting for their rights in America .
France has paid the price for supporting the USza often and feels very disappointed with the recent spite from the Biden administration over the submarine contrAct with Australia that has been taken from France and given to Britain because of the USA .
President Emmanuel Macron of France had to call his ambassador from Washington to France for consultations , indicating how hurt France is over the issue.
President Biden is working the phones to talk things with the French president who has seasoned elderly states men like Biden by him ,advising him on the issues.
Brexiteers is complicating things in Europe as Germany and France see the USA as the architect of a secret USA -UK deal to destroy the European Unuin which they claim may some day become stronger than the American union of states.
The speeches of French president Macron and those of Biden at the united nations could address some of these global concerns .
All American presidents put America first . While the inexperienced like Trump are excited and goes about talking America firstvand making noise, others like president Biden with experience act America first while saying America is back .
Those who donot see America back in Biden,s actions have only themselves to blame