Sep. 21, 2021

Why Houston cannot blame the residents. for police killing residents and residents killing police .

The Hardy street Narcotics warrants related shooting by police and civilians and or residents have exposed alot in the city and policing in general . While that night of the press conference at Memmorial Hermann, city and police leaders spoke , glorifying the police, it later became clear that most of what was said by the police were lies and their guilt and errors have been exposed .
We condemn the killings of innocent police officers by civilians and condemn criminal police officers who kill civilians on fabricated lies.
We are against deforming the police but for reformation, just like we are against all forms of wicked and satanic calls from those who support the blue blindly ,to undo the bail and parole system that the same police officers benefit from .
What if the police officer Derick Chauvin was refused bail in Chicago after killing George Floyd ?.
We say no to the killing of officer Williams Jeffrey and no to the killing of the accused Deon Ledet .
We donot kill people in states where the death penalty does not exist and must not immediately kill accused persons and residents because they have shot at police officers, we try to capture them and bring them to justice , asking the people,s courts to decide .
Crimes stoppers is a good non profit doing good works but should not become the new courts where the employers there talk and act like judges ,for they are not ,and should not usurp the authorities of the people,s courts .
Those who are being recycled in the criminal justice system are also victims of a very very bad reentry system and process.
Most of the programs doing so called reentry work are non profits run by people whose board members give campaign donations to so called political leaders ,through who they divert tax payers moneys to non profits that are not there to really serve the offenders but their so called staff and board members .
The new accusations of Harris county judges must be put in context . In the last elections , the DA Ogg was accused and told to take responsibility for these repeat offenders and we know how her community leaders defended her and she won reelections.
Those making noise about the bail and parole system cannot give up the tax payers elected offices they hold .
The care life USA representatives and city councils without city council chair persons as if it is authoritarian local Banana republics .
When they talk about changing the city charter, you never hear the councilors talk about having an independent office of mayor and an independent office of city council Chair person because of what they benefit .
People with a history of jail time needs to reenter the society or communities and the is a way to go about it .
Bail and parole is the rights of the people who are the city .
The police and police departments are servants of the people who do risky jobs , reasons why they have risk benefits and chosed to do the job .
Deon Ledet killing also calls for questions like who really shit first ?. Officer Jeffrey and Mr Ledet are not alive to tell us their own side of what happened.
There are different ways that the intelligence community can piece together evidences from the crime scene ,corroborated by support instruments to speak to the whe truth .
Mr Ledet and Mr Jeffrey are victims of a system that has totally failed both men .
Guns and drugs are in the communities because those who make gun policies in Austin like governor Abbott and his have said carry guns if you want ,forgetting that those same guns may one day be used against them .
It is not the little poor people in the minorities communities who bring the billions of drugs into the communities, it is the rich and highly place who use government high offices to hide their trade .
Previous criminal history is not the reason why people should be refused bail .
Parole works if we want to make it work .
Troy Finner says at TSU that just a very few percent of the people in any community are bad apples ,as he talked about bad police apples .
We will not deform the police system because of bad apples and will not take away the bail and parole rights of the people because of bad apples .
Sheriffs are cited into offices, so why not elect city chiefs of police ?.
Let the reentry program be given a chance ,for the outcomes are the killing of police and residents because it is badly done .
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson, international political leader, physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents