Sep. 22, 2021

Global hippocrates and human rights abusers continue to use the rostrum of UNGA76 for propaganda.

Those who heard Biden speak at the first UNGA address of his are surprised with the hippocritical things Trump accuse him of saying and doing .
Biden is considered Trump with blue suits by the president of France and promoting the formation of regional blocks of nations that create wars around the world .
Biden promotes the UK agenda ,forming blocks with unsuspecting Asian countries to fight China while condemning and wishing the world does not return to the days of the cold wars.
When nations use subtle forms of manipulations to fool others , they should be told that the are many highly intelligent people around the world watching and scrutinizing every thing the say and do .
No body can stop America from the regional blocks and so called alliances and allies it is forming to check ,fight and or contain China and Russia and vis versa .
What is troublesome is that the IMF and World bank are instruments in the hands of manipulators who use them to destroy unsuspecting low and middle income countries .
Why does the West especially America and Europe refuse the proposals of China and Russia to reform the security council of the UN ?.
The rhetoric from the UNGA rostrum creates more problems than solutions.
The parallel G7 ,G8 ,G2 ,G20 and G100 are the places where global decisions are made not the UN .
The is nothing like our common agenda which has never existed and will never exist .
In the language of the West , might is right as France just learnt from the actions of President Biden in the taking away of the contract for Britain .
The great and mighty have an agenda which Antonio Gutterres calls our common agenda and the rest is the dance of fools .
Dr, Ntuba Akwo Thompson international political leader, physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.