Sep. 22, 2021

Chief of Houston Police Troy Finner updates the community on the death of officer Jeffrey .

The chief of Houston police department spoke to the press in a briefing at the Harris county institute of forensic sciences at the Old Spanish trail road address today Wednesday the 9/22/2021 before the remains of officer Williams Jeffrey were taken in an Honors escort headed by Chief Finner to the funeral home in Tomball .
Chief Troy Finner said he had spoken with officer Lance who was at the Memorial Herman medical center or trauma center receiving treatment for gunshot wounds sustained alongside officer Jeffrey who died, while they both were executing narcotics-related warrants at an apartment home in the North East side of Houston.
Officer Lance according to Chief Finner asked about his fellow officers, and how they were doing and managing the removal of the body of his fallen colleague, officer Jeffrey from Corona,s office. and he was told that was being taken care of.
chief Finner thank the community for their support and prayers for the family of the deceased.
Funeral arrangements were in preparation though not finalized, details of which will be told the community in the days ahead.
Chief Troy Finner was asked if they now know whose bullet actually feel officer Williams Jeffrey and he said he was more concerned about the family at that time and though they do not know precisely.
Asked about the morals of his fellow officers, Chief Finner insinuated in his response that they were doing fine though grieving the loss of a fellow brother and police leader.
Chief Finner later led his men and women in blue with the body of their fallen colleague to the funeral home.
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