Sep. 23, 2021

President Biden mentioned Cameroon of Africa in his UN assembly address as the world ponders why.

President Biden,s rhetoric at the rostrum of the united nations general assembly mentioned the nation of Cameroon in his speech and global leaders took notice .
Why will the president of mighty USA be mentioning the name of a tiny little z
African country in his speech many are asking and the reasons are clear .
The United states is concerned about human rights , democracy and the rule of law in middle and low income countries , and Cameroon has not been in the very good books of the United states in the past many decades.
In Cameroon Mr, president appoint all court judges who can be dismissed at any time by Mr president.
In Cameroon the prime minister is called head of government though the real head of government is the executive president who runs the country with his tribal men and women from the state house they have turned into their personal property.
In Cameroon ,the current president has been in government for more than 60 years , 40years of which are president .
In Cameroon former ministers of government with presidential ambitions are summarily charged for embezzlement and dumbed in prison where they die ,because of poor health conditions.
In Cameroon, people have taken to arms struggle in the two English parts of the country because of what they call injustice and breach of constitutional provisions under which the two linguistic regions of French and English Cameroon reunited under the watch and settlement of the United Nations , an injustice that has caused the English part of Cameroon to rise up for correction of the injustices or fight to the end to break away.
Suffice to say Mr,Paul Biya of Cameroon acknowledged before his masters who could be his grand children like EMMANUEL Macron, that assimilation of English Cameroon has been resisted by the people .
In Cameroon one man called Mr, president appoints all governors who he uses to executive their agendas.
In Cameroon what happens here in the USA as shown by the picture above is not an issue.
In Cameroon terrorists in the North cannot believe that one man has been speaker of the assembly or congress for close to 30 years.
In Cameroon, it must pass through France before it becomes law
Cameroon has too many issues that can be termed a time bomb waiting to explode .
The president and his tribal cabal have decided that he must die as life president and they are doing all to make that happen and possibly replace him with his son .
They use the chiefs of the people to kill successful elites who stand to oppose them .
These issues are on the internet and the United Nations knows about them and the is no pretending about the reasons why president Biden called out Cameroon in his first ever UN speech .
Former President Trump had began to threaten to get the UN into Cameroon and force the nation to solve the crisis in the English regions by revisiting the reunion terms and allowing the people vote their own leadership like governors .
Cameroon changes the constitutional provisions when ever the president want by bribing so called illiterate legislatures , some who never went to universities .
Injustices create arm struggles and terrorism and Cameroon knows the problems and the solutions and should not let what happened in Libya visit it .
President Biden called out Cameroon because these issues are causing arm struggles and terrorism in Cameroon and can be addressed if the UN reforms the security council and stop France from veto of progress in Cameroon.
Peace will reign in Cameroon if justice is done .
Dr, Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader, physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.