Sep. 25, 2021

Houston housing scandals : Fired director working to expose mayor Turner and associates

Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson at work in the city hall Houston Texas USA

Mayor Sylvester Turner is fighting another scandal in Houston after his own appointed person is openly exposing things which other mayors and white mayors do in the USA.
Some say the housing boss is afraid of his own frauds as head of housing and is afraid of the investigators from Texas capitol Autin and Washington DC, looking at legal complains with housing in Houston .
It must be noted that black African Americanscwerevused to insult the mayor during the mayoral campaigns, some even pastors.
If Turner's partner is involved , turner say so what ?.
Blacks in Houston should stop working with those who intend to send Turner to prison like the former mayors of Baltimore and New Orleans .
It must be noted that Turner fired his appointed housing boss immediately.
The state authorities are now saying they will investigate other related things.
Why did the whistle blower only realize today that Turner is who he says he is many are asking .
Why go before the city councils to disgrace Turner?.
Those who want Turners job at the city council are doing a great job and having a great laugh .
Donot count Sylvester Turner out though .