Sep. 26, 2021

Rights, bail and bonds: Judges are elected in the USA and follow the laws.

As chief Troy Finner said in answers to questions asked by Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson, about the demographics of breaking the law, # I will not get into those race issues, for the are those who break the laws in all races and HPD " will go after them all.
The is an outcry in certain quarters why the accused here has been granted bail for acts he is accused of not convicted for.
We send our condolences to he who lost the son to excessive guns in circulation in the USA.
It is shameful that the same people who created the criminal justice system in the USA are going in front of Cameras and making noise over issues they have not committed much time in reflecting on .
Stop trying to tell the judges in Houston and Texas how to do their job. There is a procedure in place on how to become a judge a d you can go through it if interested.
I have asked judges in courts why the bail system is the way it is and they have explained it and their challenges .
When judges go in for elections campaigns, they tell the people that they will uphold the laws of the land and bail is part of the system .
I have spoken in many meetings in this country or USA about guns in circulation and Abbot and his just made it possible for more guns to circulate with their recent elections motivated gun laws .
How many people in Houston protesting the giving of bond and or bail to white officer Derick Chauvin who openly killed George Floyd in the streets ?. He had bond . That is right to Americans . Derick Chauvin until condemned or convicted was still an accused.
This American shown here whose pictures have been shown on television is an accused on bail by Texas judges who are doing their jobs and about to go face the people in mid term elections a d will be judged denials of bail or not .
I really pray for the family whose son was killed but to now say others should not have the rights that officer Chauvin Derick had begs for questions .
Some says the system is broken and keep repeating that like parrots without going out there to make any change .
How are you contributing to fixing the system when you cannot sacrifice to go out there into the communities and make a difference?.
Life is risky, and people are not stupid as we would want them to be .
The is too much manipulations and pointing of fingers at others .
The bail system in America favors the rich and we never hear noise makers talk about that .
Troy Finner may just be right ,that all races of people have few people who commit crimes .
Who has never made a mistake or broken the law. Traffic tickets , driving above speed limits is something majority of driving Americans do and donot call that offenses .
Donot take the bail system away because of people in all races who commit crimes .
All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson, international political leader,physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.