Sep. 27, 2021

Religious communicators shine light on Murder victims during 2021 remembrance day .

During the remembrance day 2021 events in the national territory, families of the affected came together ,making shedding tears for their live ones who are victims of murder in the USA.
The pictures and names of the murder victims are displayed in the venues were the events take place , some holding theirs in the crime stoppers premises of their city .
.This is also the opportunity for the crime advocates to get appreciated by those they work for .
Religious communicator. Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo had the opportunity of talking with participants at the Houston event of the biggest crime stoppers organization with the biggest building , directed by Rania Mankarious. MA,JD. .
The leadership of the city and Harris county gathered promised to continue fighting for the people ,helping especially those without closure to find the killer and killers of their love ones and friends.
The grieving was palpable in the hall as the people named love ones lost , many who are children .
Parents of murdered children. a national
USA organization , made it clear through their speakers that ,they fought to.make sure that any body who committed the crime murdering a child should face the death penalty immediately.
The representatives of the Harris county sheriff officer, spoke from Roman's 13 about authority, and the law or ministry of justice .
The community is asked to contribute to the work of crime stoppers through volunteering and or cash donayions.