Sep. 27, 2021

Guns donot kill people , humans do ,officer Williams Jeffrey said ,echoed by daughter .

Those in blue love guns especially if they come to the police force from the military, where killing other people with guns in the name of war is no big deal .
The daughter of late officer William's Jeffrey told the gathered crowd that her father said guns donot kill people but people do .
In a nation where diminished responsibility is defense in court , guns kill people .
Murder in nations or civilized countries where guns are not allowed freely in society and police are not allowed to carry guns around, murder rates by guns are very very low .
I guess many police officers are members of the national rifle association and have no problem repeating the talking points of that organization, that makes much money by selling weapons of mass destruction .
. If guns were not on scene, the likelihood that officer Williams Jeffrey would be dead is very very low.
While leadership in the country is talking gun control , those in blue should join them as part of their global public health work of protecting and promoting health through gun control public safety measures.
While people must take responsibility for their actions , down playing the danger of too much guns in circulation will continue to lead to unnecessary deaths .
Soon every body in America will be carrying a gun and may be then the shooting of residents by police and the shooting of police by residents will stop .
We continue to hold that , officer Williams Jeffrey is a victim of excess guns in circulation in the American communities , respect of what he believed and told his daughter.
If people, continue to repeat the talking points of the NRA, then they are undercutting the anti guns in communities messages by their own chiefs of police .
Guns kill people ,because without a gun ,no body dies from gun shot wounds period .
May officer Williams Jeffrey, a victim of poor and bad guns laws and policies in the USA rest in peace .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo, international political leader, physician and communicator..Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.