Sep. 27, 2021

White Americans rubbish the American criminal justice system .

Gabby Petito and her Fiancee Brian have set in motion questions about the American criminal justice system.
Her dead was established as a homicide and nothing much about the medical and or Corona,s report is given to help the people searching for Brian to use in guiding their search .
Brian does not have a warrant directly connecting him to the death though the media treats him as the murderer already .
Brian had a lawyer immediately the fiancee died and a lawyer client relationship was established. . Lawyers and or law firms donot just take cases without preliminary knowledge from their client and a brief contextual history of what they are dealing with .
Protesters are in front of the parents home harassing them as if they killed the young lady, abusing their human rights too .
When a person already wins a case in the court of public opinion , the public can do what ever they want and get away with it .
People who have no credentials permitting them to trespass on the property of Brian's parents home are doing so without questions .
Gabby is no more physically but present spiritually and knows what happened.
No right thinking person would expect Brian to be running away and hiding if he knows nothing about the death of Gabby .
Since the FBI does not have direct evidences to smite Brian with the killing , it would be questionable to be searching for him the way they do , so a warrant of arrest has been issued because of credit card .
If the credit card was that of Gabby and she gave it to her fiancee, why could we say he was not authorized to use it?.
Why all the statements which are not very clear ?.
If the credit card belonged to Gabby , and Brian had it, did she complain to any body ?.
They say he stole her car too and I am surprised at that . They both as fiancee to each other were using the car and she Gabby never complained while he was driving her around and may never have complained after if she was alive .
Brian,s lawyer is watching carefully the development of events and documenting possible mistakes being made .
The public needs to know the details in the forensic report as they continue acting blindly ,while others are doing things behind , protecting themselves and their jobs .
Any thing could have happened to Brian after the death of Gabby.
Brian could have committed suicide or killed himself . . He could be in Mexico and other possibilities.
The blind man hunt is of no use . Strategic search requires that those searching have a full understanding of the forensic report.
Homicide,yes but how ?.
A person of interest is not the same as the convict or killer.
Gabby and Brian ,where ever both are ,may just be laughing at every one acting blindly.
The FBI is very good at what they do ,with every move and step legally calculated ,while the public most times act blindly not knowing what they are doing in the most part .
A love one dying suddenly in an outing can make a man confused and crazy even taking his own life for not being able to protect her.
Under normal circumstances, if Brian knew nothing about her death ,he will be out with the people searching for her killer.
Both parents are now suffering because of this tragedy, and the sad thing about it is that ,Brian's parents may know nothing about what happened and their lives is being destroyed by the public and the media .
Sensationalism has taken over and people are breaking the laws in the process .
How many communicators are bold enough to ask the FBI the important questions ?.
The police can easily intimidate the media and stop them from asking certain important questions ,as they guide them into asking just what they want to talk about .
I am really sad that this happened to the young lady and equally sad that the events have taken the form that sensationalism wants it to take .
Brian remains a person of interest and the FBI is doing it,s job with the help of the public ,that can be distracting at times .
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson, international political leader,physician and Communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.