Sep. 28, 2021

Global health promotion through Spirituality and health .

Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson, an international leader, physician called into Global health, outreaches, diplomacy and development have done his assignments around the world as God directs him .
Immediately Dr Ntuba Akwo was registered as a practicing physician in the medical registry of multiple countries , he started teaching and integrating Spirituality in medical and surgical practice.
Dr Ntuba Akwo became a member of the Christian medical and dental association in the united states with a number and medical certificate of recognition .
In St Francis Hospital Dr Ntuba Akwo, started the prayer fellowship for the patients and their relatives .
Dr Ntuba Akwo is the vice prelate to Bishop EKWA of the Gospel ministers fellowship Cameroon did consult many ministers on how to do healing and medical missions and crusades.
Speaking to pastors in his hotel in Nigeria during his global healing crusades in that country , Rev Dr Ntuba , advised and consulted with them on the relationship between Spirituality and health .
Dr Rev Ntuba Akwo has participated in speaking events in Europe and American states , mentoring younger ministers he trains in the mission field .
Dr Ntuba Akwo did two years of research work at Oral Robert's university Tulsa Oklahoma on the healing evangelism methods of Chancellor Robert's and Dr T. L OSBORN and Keneth Hagins of Rhema Broken Arrow .
In his certified training at the Texas medical center ISH , Dr Ntuba Akwo was armed with more Spirituality and Healrh principles and praxis.
In his global teaching ministries, His eminence excellency minister,Rev Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo, shares with the world his profound Global ministries resources ,emphasizing Salvation , Baptism in the HolySpurit and Healing by the BiopsychoSocioSpiritual model.
Dr Rev Ntuba has preached as guest speaker in seminaries, leadership conferences, crusades and Churches around the world .
Beatrice always was excited to see him on the rostrum addressing thousands in Presbyterian Churches and Penracoadtal churches .
Dr Rev Ntuba Akwo operates in the apostolic calling and anointing.