Sep. 28, 2021

Harris county judges insulted and accused for the shootings in Houston .

Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo, spoke to Horris county commissioner about the hypocrisy in Houston , Harris county and Texas especially during elections period .
Dr Ntuba wondered why people in Houston said the district attorney or DA was responsible for the bail and parole of people who intend commit felonies in Houston while she accused the judges for what were accusations leveled on her as a person .
Former Chief of police Art Acevedo defended the DA among others in that community and she won reelection.
The judges going for reelection need to also win reelection like DA Ogg and must not be condemned by the DA and former police officers .
Police officers should be seen cooperating and working with the judges not insulting and accusing them .
Yes , they say the system is broken and want to amend the Texas laws ,then do so .
These are very trying times for Houston Texas and more so with primaries of mid term 2022 in Campaign mode .
The system is not broken , it is functioning the way it was created to function .
Those who killed and lynched others in the history of Texas exploited the system and got away with it .
Those disappointed with the system pretend and or are ignorant of the motives and origin of the system in place .
Judges like commissioners and DA need to win elections and keep the promises made to bigger communities and do not need police and prosecutors insulting them .
Unfortunately ,minorities are being used without knowing.
Taking away the bail and parole will ultimately hurt the minority communities ,who should be very very careful as they fall for every wind of doctrine .
She who said the people should ask the judges what they stand for should be told that they stand for upholding the laws of the land and the USA constitution.
Which judges are you going after ?. Are you after democratic or republican judges?. Spare us that talk of this and that is not political .
Stop pointing fingers at Harris county judges , they may not be the problem at the end of the day .