Sep. 28, 2021

Separation of religion and state not Church and state .

Migrants who crossed the Indian America borders from England and the European Union brought with them their religious traditions and other cultures as l practices and met the Indian traditional religions.
Did they grow new lands or got themselves incorporated in these Indian lands called Americas?.
Indian traditional religion is not called church , so how people be talking about separation of Chirch and State when God did nor abolish the religions that the foreigners met in these Indian lands of Americas ?.
Separation of Religions and State requirements are such that conservatives donot talk God without specifying which God they mean .
Should the principles of the Indian religious scripts be the bases of the USA supreme court decisions ?.
Political science looks at the sociological institutions of religion and law and how they influence the people .
Man was mandated to dominate in the Bible and mistakenly thinks it is domination of other humans .
The desire by certain people in America to use their religion as the bases of American jurisprudence is lack of wisdom .
Separation of Church and state of itself was an exclusionary thought position .
The nouse about the Bible as the basis of American society is shallow thinking , for the Old testament and Judaism have not always been accepted by certain migrants from Europe to the Americas .
Jesus said blessed are the peace makers.
Greed and prejudice never make room for peace .
Separation of Religion and State not Church and state creates peace.
There are temples, mosques and traditional worship places in America .
Peace makers must study these different religions and faith traditions and how they compete for the attention ,subscription and dominance of others .
Interfaith dialogue and peace is needed .
It should be called separation of Religion and State.
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson, international political leader, physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.