Sep. 29, 2021

Simone Biles Tokyo Olympics performance blamed on USA disgraced Dr Nassar.

The United states is truly like an elephant and you can hardly have all the views about it from one and few touch points and so too the young lady Simone Biles .
Biles performances at the Tokyo Olympics have been blamed on shifting arguments which may create problems for her in the future.
Bilesvhas done really great with her life .
It is not any body who operates and performs in multiple countries , making them global citizens.
America the elephant can easily make and mar it,s good ones , a recent example is Bill Cosby.
Some body is always watching you and more so for an athlete like Biles .
The deputy attorney general of Texas who insulted Biles , may not believe athletes are worth much ,especially if they did not go to the university , earned a law JD and get great government jobs like deputy attorney general.
Donot get fooled by the cameras in America because it can take you up and bring you down .
People have a tendency to pity victims ,especially fallen successes in careers like medicine and Surgery that requires alot of brain and time .
Biles is beginning a show tour and communicators are following with cameras and audio devices to capture that one word and or statement to use .
Donot get fooled, most communicators are not for personalities, especially as alot may just be more educated. older and more experienced about life issues.
Nassar has his own just like the disgraced Micheal Jackson black physician Dr Murray .
Yes you were abused and could be suffering from post traumatic stress disorder and other mental health issues following the trauma fior which you deserve our sympathy ,solidarity , love and treatment.
I will advice you not to be talking about your performance in Tokyo Olympics and blaming it on tweetie and or Dr Nassar.
You have nothing to proof to any body ,you have done world in athletestics, and still young .
Like most of us athletes who left that for medical school and other things , you may be leaving Gymnastics for something else .
You could be a great coach or what ever in sports management.
Dr Nassar did not fail in the practice of medicine but in the mistakes that men and women continue to be victims of.
Lapses in.moral judgement could be a mental health issue for Dr Nassar too.
If I were you , I will talk less about Nassar and give no excuses for the Tokyo Olympics for you did great in Tokyo and came back with medals .
Americans are very hard to understand . The more you talk Narsar, the more people you may put off.
Donot allow people use you and destroy you .
Be smart and be wise as you begin your tour .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo, international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents