Sep. 29, 2021

United nations assembly humiliates Cameroon Paul Biya for disrespecting anglophone PM and UNGA76

Junior minister that Paul Bita of Cameroon has been sending to speak and say the same foolish words repeated like a sent parrot yesrvin year out was disgraced by the elected president of the general assembly for 2021/2022 by putting Cameroon last without the great president coming to listen to the yearly repetitions of the president sent me .
Cameroon is one hell of a confused nation with a man who has been in government for more than 60nyesrs ,40 years as president .
Most of the presidents frowns at nations that disrespect them by sending junior ministers to address them .
Paul Biya of Cameroon is so old that he can hardly walk. so one will understand the embarrassment of putting him in the assembly hall and seeing him walk like EMMANUEL Macron did to him in France .
The arm struggles in Cameroon caused by the greed and injustices of the Biya and his tribal cabal has brought much shame and destruction to the image of Cameroon abroad .
Only in Cameroon that one man appoints governors and use them like rats.
Only in Cameroon that one man appoints judges and dismiss them like goats .
The governance in Cameroon is so bad and corrupt that , Biya,s tribal people steal even money meant for hiv/aids work besides the recent Covid19 theft.
Only a fool talks about reconstruction, in places where arm struggle and killings are daily experiences .
The absentee president of Cameroon and his tribal cabal have hijacked the people,s presidency and turned it into their private property .
They change the constitution any time they want ,removing term limits and provisions that would make them life presidents with intent to hand the government to their children by force of state sponsored terrorism on protesting opposition.
To proof that the UN does not take them serious, they were given the last speaking slot .
.. The UN expected either the so called head of government without portfolios and or the president to address the other presidents not some junior minister chosen over the anglophone humiliated prime minister put to follow the world.
The way the anglophone prime minister is humiliated is enough for the anglophones to say no to Bulu-Beti-Ewondos and their greedy Paul Biya .
Sad to say the Banana republic called Cameroon under Paul Biya is a n international embarrassment, that Buhari of Nigeria thinks should respect presidential term limits.
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson, international political leader, physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.