Sep. 29, 2021

Harris county health care delivery leaders say no to cuts in Harris health budget by republican

Leaders of Christus health , American heart foundation, Houston branch and other Harris health providers in the Mental health space have passionately defended the need for the Harris commissioners court to either increase the amount in the budget for health care in Harris county and not cut it down because most people in certain minority districts and cities depend on Harris health for their care and health care commodities .
The is a divide in the court between the two republicans and the three democrats including commissioners Garcia, Ellis and Judge Hildago .
Judge Hildago continues to say the Republicans want the county to go the down hill road as the republicans put on their tax cuts agenda .
In the event of a vote ,the democratic members will win on their proposals to increase funding for health and public health dollars .
Commissioner Ransey proposed the cuts that has met resistance from other commissioners on behalf of the people in Harris county .