Sep. 30, 2021

Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson international political leader and communicator warned Acevedo, of Miami.

Art Acevedo is having big problems and troubles in Miami and Health and development magazine editor Dr Akwo Ntuba Thompson who has covered Miami is not surprised after he told Arcevado in the 22 floor of Houston central police station that Miami was tough though he expected Arcevado to proof tougher .
Acevedo in his defense against his own Latinos fighting against him as commissioners in Miami city , have invoked his Cuban origin and heritage .
Acevado worked in Houston where councilors care not more important than the children that the city uses .
Houston local government charter is not democratic .
A mayor cannot be the head or chairperson of a council and the same time chief executive officer.
The Houston system creates room for corruption and lack of accountability.
The committees are of no use since it is the mayor who sets the agenda not councilors though entry level politicians .
Miami is democratic in it,s charter and Arcevada has to deal with a new context of a democratic city not Houston run like a Banana republic city .
Arcevado,s enemies in Houston may have followed him to Miami and those he took to Miami from Houston he appointed, dismissing Miami old leaders who are fighting back .
The investigations against Acevado could have never happened in Houston ,though an Afrocan American city of Houston councilor contesting for mayor against Sylvester Turner campaigned to fire Art Acevado if he won ,supported by fire fighters who gave a vote of no confidence to their chief Sam Pena as the police in Miami are doing against Art Acevado .
Some took offense with Art Arcevado openly telling a USA sitting president to shut up .
At Arcevado may benefit from the fight from those he calls Cuban Mafia ,because the powers that be love an Art Arcevedo to take on his own .
The USA remains a mighty elephant that is difficult to understand in a few months like Alexis De Toquevill claimed.
The investigations against Art Arcevado is an investigation against those communities and people themselves.
In the politics of police force , Art Arcevedo, a leader of major cities chiefs is not as weak as those fighting against him may want to belief .
These are the troubles of change and reformation and Art Arcevado remains in the fight surrounded by a new generation.
Dr, Ntuba Akwo Thompson, international political leader, physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.