Oct. 3, 2021

Sisters Inlaw : The international award movie on Women and Children's rights.

Beatrice and Dr Ntuba [first] were at the united nations in New York a few years ago on the Screening of the multiple international film festival awards winning and Oscar nominated film Sisters in LAW and came out with lots of different view points about scenes and issues the movie addressed.
Those issues brought out multiple thousand of Women on October 2nd ,2021 in the city of Houston , marching and speaking in their rally about rape and abortion needs in rape and gender discrimination besides Child care issues related to health care of the mothers and families.
In Sisters in Law, young girls are sexually abused or assaulted, and may not even know they are pregnant after six weeks ,if because of fear they donot report their abusers and or seek medical examination and attention after that .
Young girls are given to marriage at a very young age , and have no opinion about their bodies and reproductive organs ,for men who careless about child spacing , contraception and abortion .
Great Efforts were made in the movie to address the issues from a legal stand point .
Women in Houston joined by their colleagues in the national territory of the USA have passed a message to Texas governor Abbott and republicans that the cannot use the American court system to deprive USA women of their reproductive rights while they encourage and promote lawyers and or judges of other United nations states to protect the reproductive rights of their nationals .
Choice is an opportunity to tell people to choose what is right .
The God of the Bible is a God of Choice .
God shows you good and bad and ask you to chose good .
The is no chosing without chouce and America is great partly because of the foundation of freedom of choice .
Choice and sanction are not the same .
God does not force a choice on any person ,reasons why he gave us free minds .
The courts are not law making sociological government institutions .
The courts donot make laws but interpret them .
Case laws are nothing but statutes interpreted by law .
The should be term limits of supreme court judges .
Nothing stops magistrates of the bench and lawyers in the prosecution departments from contesting to be law makers as they contest to be to the bench .
The bar that separates the lawyers from those lawyers on the bench , does not mean one knows more than anither.
In civilized nations , people move from the bar and or bench cases the case may be .
People can easily make much money if they leave the government bench to the bar in private practice with retainership with big companies .
Moslem women , yes some who came for the sisters in law screening and stayed for the Q & A did not like the way the movie portrayed their men and found certain scenes offensive .
I had preached a number of sermons on child abuse before Sisters in Law was done .
I always told Beatrice that I donot want people coming to me and or my house to talk about their court cases ,for I was not a magistrates nor do I believe in people bribing their way out of crimes .
I was sincere and truthful in my positions and God blessed my stances .
I donot do abortions as a practicing physician but have helped to get out retained products of badly done abortions .
Badly done abortions can lead to destruction of the lining of the womans uterus in which the zygote unfertilized egg[Ovum] implants or is planted .
Abortions also come with complications .
Those who have poorly used the curettage method not the suction , may have ruptured the uterus so womb and related complications may be there.
Women will do abortion legal or not , so choice is safer. Those who try using reproductive choices of women for their political survival will soon get to know the political power of women at the ballot box and marching on awareness campaigns.
Sisters in law in Houston ,Texas and USA are saying no to Gregg Abbott and Republicans and are marching on and are being noticed globally like Sisters in.law .
.Democracy is choice and advice to do the right like seen in Sister in law .
Like I always tell Beatrice , " be your self and do the right , fear nothing as we careless about what others are and what they done , we are on a mission ".
Truth alone and God used Sisters in law to promote the names Ntuba Beatrice and Ntuba Thompson in all the global continents .
. The director of the movie Kim Longinotto tells global communities that Dr Ntuba is the greatest physician on Ezrth and credits me in the movie.
In my campaigns and teachings on Global health issues in Africa and other continents , I speak from my experiences often and it is easy .
I am prolife bases on choice.
I give choices and like God ask people to choose life .
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson, international political leader, physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.