Oct. 5, 2021

International political leader, physician communicator Dr Ntuba Akwo, calls for modern government

Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson, an international political leader, physician and communicator, under USA political protection for close to 15 years is calling for modernized governance around the world .
The three main arms of any democratic government are the legislature[ United or bicameral], the executive and the judicial .
Democracy of itself could mean different things to different people .
The difficult form of government to run is democratic ones .
The sea of Women who came out on the 2nd of October 2022 in the USA ,marching and rallying with great speeches on women rights issues show that even the USA governance may need to be improved in many aspects .
It is sad that only 40 % of the American population trust the USA supreme court

Where the popular vote can be set aside in national presidential elections ,and the other person wins is hard to defend in this modern days .
Benevolent dictators are hard to find.
People leaders have failed the people in most countries and people movements have taken over .
Black lives matter worked with Covid19 mismanagement to vote Trump out of the presidency .
Donald Trump tried used the I instruments of dictators he admired overseas, including the military against black lives protesters in Washington DC and the January 6th 2021 capitol storming mob and failed .
Many leaders overseas in China and other countries watched the happening in the USA with amusement .
Dr, Ntuba an international political leader has participated in the USA political process for many years as a health and development communicator .
Travelling to almost all the states in the USA for work , talking and advising political leaders generated great resources as seen in the magazine online .
.African dictators can always fine the weakness of Western nations including the USA to justify their destruction of their countries .
The is no term limits to the office of prime minister of Britain and Chancellor of Germany .
People are appointed to the house of lords in England and in Cameroon 30 % of senators are appointed by the president .
The is no presidential term limits in Cameroon and governors are appointed .

Where is that nation to use as modernized form of democracy ?.
Truth be told , this world is run by people who have nothing to do with leadership .
If certain so called presidents of nations were really working they would not be president for 40 years, because the stress of the office will incapacitate them .
How can a president stay in the presidential villa of the nation without travelling out of the capital to visit any where else in the country ?.
Disasters and emergencies happen and the is no president .
Absentee presidents of nations are worst than military dictators .
A president who does not engage the people ,cannot demand participation and partnership from the people .
Dictators who use state money and resources to keep themselves alive from their many debilitating health problems 'need send around or messengers to do their bidding.
Instead of modernization, governments of the world are going the down hill road.
The recent happenings in the USA calls for modernization of governance.
Voters laws that disenfranchises, redistricting that favors certain population groups , reproductive rights laws that are politically motivated , border crisis exploited for political gains and other issues are exposing the inner motives behind governments and the people are rising up against them .
Truly the world governments all need to be be modernized.
Dr, Ntuba Thompson Akwo ,international political leader 'physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.