Oct. 13, 2021

Valve industry leaders and experts advice colleagues in Key notes at 2021 Expo & Conference .

Many thousands of members of the valve and flow industry professionals are attending their 10th anniversary of Valve World Americas Expo &Conference taking place at the George Brown Houston Convention center at the convention district down town .
The chairman of the 2021 event has said the the Valve World World Americas, conference has the ability to show case new inventions , practical solutions , productivity enhancements , potential cost savings opportunities , making it a a wonderful event for the vale community to attend every two years .
The expo and conference make room for networking , camaderie and learning from the outstanding technical presentations during the meeting .
Chairman Dan Devine a valve technology engineer with Corteva Agri science through midland Engineering ,Ltd in his key note address underscored the importance of relationships in their profession, using his transition from chemical engineering to the vale industry to advice those present on the way going forward especially during these times of transition in the energy industry .
Engineer Dan Devine presented his perspective of things from the past , present with lots of challenges as he said and the future which he says is very bright for the industry , telling his audience to visit the expo floor , talk with vendors and other participants , asking how valves work . In concluding , Engineer Dan DeVine mentioned certain influencers in his life through positive relationships like Eugene Devine who influenced him personally and Clyde Neely in the technical side .
Engineer Devine expounded and clarified some aspects of his presentation in the interview he granted Dr, Ntuba Akwo, Thompson of Healthndevelopment .
In a the key note that followed , President , CEO and board of director of MRC Global Rob Saltiel spoke about the Post pandemic macro themes of 1 Recovery 2 Growth 3 Transition into low carbon world 4 Leadership .
Engineer Saltiel emphasized the transition aspect of his presentation to Renewables and plan for net zero emissions .
The participants were told that the valve industry will be affected by the transition and will likely play important roles in the Biofuel and hydrogen spaces while carbon capture , utilization and storage , wind and solar may pose a challenge .
Engineer Saltiel spoke on the need to address and safeguard safety in the valve industry as a high priority area, involving personal and process safety issues .
Dr , Ntuba Akwo Thompson , international political leader , physician and communicator . Certified professional and expert in Global Health USA . Adviser of prime ministers and presidents .