Oct. 18, 2021


Medical science tells us that we are not where we are born but the DNA in us makes us who we are .
Kenyan American USA former president Barack Obama and Jamaican American former general and diplomatic states man Collins Powell are shinning examples of what the bold and courageous migrant DNA placed in the USA can and have done not wit-standing opposition from the small and petit in society .
In a nation where each little group thinks the Indian lands are theirs , General Collin Powell has proven that smarts study the system and grow in it , fighting challenges from within and outside .
With Obama it was Jeremy White nonsense , then Trump,s Kenya Birthism madness , then those saying what did Obama do for the blacks in America ?.
Powell and Obama first had to grow above and over those smallness alluded and became international and global players .
States man, Collin Powell had to cross over from his party , endorsed and voted for Barack Obama to the disappointment and annoyance of late John McCain .
The Powell trade mark had been compromised by George W Bush lies at the UN about Iraq and aligning with Obama to win two terms in the white house was great wisdom from and by genes and DNA from overseas .
At a time when the politics of some is , the redistricting will affect me and he or she as we shall be voting against each other, playing into the hands of old political smarts , Collin Powell kept a low profile and grew to be a great statesman , watching to play at the right time .
The is a science behind politics called political science , and prime minister Boris Johnson got great insights in the international political games through his media work .
Unlike the little ones around , Collin Powell put pride aside and promoted the gift in Obama , not try to destroy it , knowing the stakes .
Powell was smart , knowing the odds of the DNA from overseas and won in these Indian lands called USA , land of immigrants .
Dr Ntuba Akwo Thompson , international political leader, physician and communicator . Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents .