Oct. 29, 2021

Biden goes to Italy G20 and Cop26 in Glasgow while Russia and China stays away .

The G8 became G7 after Russia was sent away from the predominantly European countries dominated come together whose decisions are not binding on independent sovereign nations though belonging to the multilateral association called the United Nations .
China has always been critical of the G7 especially as the Chinese are not a part of the exclusive club .
The informal G2 nations of China and Russia have decided to stay away from the meetings of the G20 nations though promised to follow deliberations virtually giving Covid19 fear as the reason for staying away .
The G20 summit comes just a few days before the 26th Conference of parties on Climate action or what is called COP26 based on the Paris climate agreements and the UN climate framework .
The USA has been very critical of the role the Chinese play and contribute in global warming and Climate change especially in the area of coal use in energy production and must be mobilizing the European nations of G7 and G20 to take joint decisions that will hold China and Russia accountable .
With China and Russia staying away from the physical meeting , Biden has been dealt a quiet diplomatic blow besides the challenges he faces at home from the republican opposition and inability to get democratic votes to pass new green deal projects and initiatives .
The Infrastructure bipartisan deal from the senate has been put on the shelve because the progressive caucus and wing of the democratic party are withholding their votes , giving them leverage and bargaining power in the build back better bill .
Biden leaves for 2021 G20 summit in Italy and COP26 in Glasgow with nothing to show his counterparts as concrete financial provisions to tackle global warming and climate change .
Part of the discussions in Glasgow will be on Financing the global climate agenda and so far Biden has no financial bill in the USA to show his counterparts.
Democracy is the most difficult form of government to run and the progressive Bernie Sanders wing of the party and Joe Manchin have held the democratic party to ransom ,all the while playing to the wishes of the republican party .
The democrats are in control of all the two of three arms of Government in the USA and are still not able to pass major legislative Bills into law .
The Chinese and Russians are calculating and will not allow the USA or Europe dictate to them on Global warming and Climate change and have already taken steps to kill so called USA Biden and France Europe leading the world in Climate change Global fight advantage .
The G7 and G20 could be undermining the position and authority of the United Nations whose secretary general has been reduced to a beggar before G7 and G20 nations , making occasional requests here and there .
Multilateralism is only as good as it is on paper . The truth is that the one world government has never been the interest of the united states that many political pundits believed , encouraged the UK to Brexit from the European Union while France 's EMMANUEL Macron told the EU to watch against the USA as long as it's security was concerned.
China and Russia are bent in destroying the global dominance of the USA and Europe and seem to have found ways to do so .
The nations in the United nations already know the global political interests and the major players and are positioned to benefit form the greed for power and control of others .
Nations should look at their individual Climate change and global warming humanitarian impact on their people and economies and apply simple mitigating measures that helps them ' and stop waiting for help from outside .
China or the man of the Ease has risen following Biblical prophecies and the is nothing any body can do about it .
Dr, Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader 'physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.