Nov. 1, 2021

G20 must not dictate to other nations .

America is self contained and should resist the impulses from Europe to dictate to others .
History is on the side of Russia and China in relationship to imperialism. The is the tendency to bring forth G7 and G20 recommendations to the united nations and try to force them on other sovereign nations .
America can produce any and every thing it needs and may never need another nation or put in simple terms " the USA is self sufficient ".
The world is polarized and will continue to be so and no body can do any thing about that .
Renewable energy sources were to wean the USA addiction and dependence on Oil and petroleum from Arab nations and the proceeds used for terrorism and arm struggles around the world .
Climate change gave Americans the opportunity to work on new energy sources , a project that started before then Donald Trump came talking about America becoming a high petroleum producing state like Russia and Saudie Arabia.
The global politics of Climate change is too huge for a collective one size approach solution.
You cannot check Russia and China ,so work around that challenge .
China has huge investments in certain regions that now threatens Europe that is also not united with Brexit as recent evidenve.
Clean energy production in oil and gas besides renewables is needed . Those who try to use the climate challenge to control others must learn from the lack of cooperation over most issues at the security council .
Low and middle income countries should be looking at ways to help their nations and people without dependence on the big countries in the UN .