Nov. 1, 2021

Joe Manchin and Democratic progressives should step out of the way of president Biden's agenda .

Senator Joe Manchin seem to take great delight in the national attention he gets from standing in the way of president Biden,s legislative agenda and the Bernie Sanders so called progressives in the House are following .
During the 2020 national democratic convention in Milwaukee Wisconsin , progressives told Dr, Ntuba Thompson Akwo that they would rather former President Trump wins instead of going along with the policies and politics of Biden .
In Houston so called politicians who cried against " Busbee using his millions to buy city hall " ran away from Biden ,accepting Bloomberg who was ready to use his billions to" buy the White House".
.Biden approval rating has taken a great hit because of the games of the do nothing as Donald Trump will say of Joe Manchin and progressive Democrats.
President Biden is too soft on members of his own party who have played into the hands of Republicans.
President Biden should put the obstructionists on the spot. Stop playing games with people who use you for their self promotion .
....Joe Manchin keep giving conditions and orders as if he is a parallel president while enjoying the publicity and glory of openly opposing the president of his own party .
Every thing is being watered down because of Joe Manchin and the progressives have seen a defense in Manchin to do the same .
It is outright nonsense for president Biden to let this stalemate in Washington continue .
.President Biden should have asked Speaker Pelosi to bring the infrastructures bill that was passed in the USA senate on the floor of the house , let progressives vote against it for the records .
It is time that Democrats have the courage to tell Joe Manchin to cooperate or shut up .
Manchin and progressive so called Democrats are holding the mandate of president Biden to ransom and that is unacceptable.
Let Biden be allowed to do what the majority of Democrats and the nation voted him to do and obstructionists within the party be told to cooperate or step out of the way as president Biden says .
.It is shameful 'watching the dance of fools in Washington DC .
Once more the democrats have allowed the dance go on for too long and may likely pay for it heavily in the next midterm elections .
The democrats control two of the three arms of the USA government that is the legislature and executive branch and have no reasons to continue playing the fool .
Time is not on the side of democrats and political practitioners and experts in state craft are dumbfounded with the way democrats are carrying on in Congress.
Americans did not vote for the progressive socialist agenda nor did Joe Manchin contest the 2020 presidential elections , and do not see the later as the president of the united states period.
Dr, Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader 'physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.