Nov. 4, 2021

City of Houston councilors force Finance controller to go with department director .

The Wednesday 3rd of November city of Houston local government council session chaired by one of the elected councilors as is expected in a democratic and separation of offices and tiers of government went successfully but for the surprised withdrawal of the motion from council man Kubush 'supported by Knox 'withdrawal of the motion to separate the reports of the city financial controller from that of the director of the department of finance .
In reality the city councilors call for a financial report and the is one and only one from the finance department .
Why the confusion about two reports?.
It is customary to see and hear the finance controller speak first about the financial report before the finance department does so and that tradition is problematic and reasons why Kubush rightly says their presentations must be considered different always .
The finance controller office is an independent elected office in city local government 'not appointed and not answerable to the mayor .
The finance controller at no time should be forced to merge with the office of finance director whose activities the controller monitors and checks .
In reality ' the city gets two reports ' one from the finance director and another from the finance controller ' so the councilors already have some form of audit and checks from the controller of the finance report to work on .
In reality 'two reports are presented or should be presented ' one from the office of finance director and one from the controller and the disparities as Pllard calls them could be questioned by the councilors .
Where the same mayor who was not elected as city councilor is the chairperson of the city council in session ' the finance controller can be easily shut down .
What came out of the Wednesday session 'emphasized by one of the councilors is the word TRANSPARENCY.
Those councilors always looking for favor ' are accusing their colleagues of campaigning. and may be right or not ' but cannot explain why the Finance controller and Financial department director must have the same reports when their offices and functions are not the same .
The city got reports from it's financial offices ' one from the office of the controller and one from the finance department office .
To the city attorney s office 'they may be one but to those who were part of the session like Kubush and Knox' they were two 'to be separated.
The differences or disparities in the reports were called to question by councilors in keeping with their functions .Two reports were presented on said day ' one from the controller and another from the director of finance. and the controller should never be forced to go along side the director of finance who was appointed by the mayor and works for the mayors administration unlike the office of controller that is independent and elected with departments like audit and treasury to do it's independent work of control 'checks and transparency in the use of tax payers money by their public servants .
Dr Ntuba Thompson Akwo international political leader physician and communicator. Certified professional and expert global health USA. Adviser of prime ministers and presidents.