Nov. 4, 2021

Vaccinations of Children 5-11 years against Covid19 in the USA has began .

After the food and drug administration gave the approval for the BioNtech Pfizer vaccines for children ages 5 to 11 years and the CDC guidelines out' cities began the vaccinations .
Memory herman Houston ' a health and hospital system in Houston says children must have written parental consent and or signed consent for their children to have the vaccines shots .
Many other families say they are not ready to approve the vaccination of their children .
About 28 million children in the USA are potential beneficiaries of the free government paid for Covid19 vaccines .
Children with preexisting conditions like type 1 diabetes common in the pediatric population have been admitted with Covid19 though very very few children have died from Covid19.
The are also few children who come up with Covid19 without a preexisting medical condition' which makes the vaccination of children necessary.
The side effects so far are normal sore spots of injection site and malaise post vaccination with the other vaccines given kids as part of the USA national vaccination policy and program .
The center for disease control and prevention has the bioscience based evidence that the Children Covid19 vaccines are safe and efficacious.